One of the courses I am taking in the diploma at LIU is integrating technology into education (EDUC560).
 This class is given by teacher Amal Farhat and we are  22 students with different degrees( math, biology, english, biochemistry) and also with different ages . In addition there are novest teacher, master teacher, and teacher who still waiting to teach. Such classes help us a lot to gain experinece, know how to use technology in education ,and to be effective teacher.I wish all benefit from such class and the most important is to gain nice experience.
We will do in this course several assignment and projects:
1. designing business card
2. designing a poster
3. designing web quest
4. doing big projects related to what we did and we will do later
such experience in this course will help us as teachers to help our students to search in the internet using some nice web quest as a guider to their work. Also, will help us to design posters and transfer our education in nice decorated and simple way.
I hope that all we benefit from this course and be really effective teacher that help us to bring up new educated generation with all the supported knowledge.

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