Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Education help people to go from night to light
Every person should think deeply in education because it is a wide aspect that include societyhome , and  social interaction, other than school. we can get new information not only from schools but also from our relation, and the life it self made us a very good educator from the real experience we adapt to.
Parents should always put the bases of our education then other factor complete it like religion, media, and social relation.
Media play a major role and affect our life negatively and positively. We should always think deeply in the media before believing it and we should take care not to make it as an idol.
School is small society help educators to be a good person that able them to face the big society and real life with critical thinking to solve small and big problems.


  1. Yes! and as the popular proverb says: العلم نور والجهل ظلام

  2. Education, is what survives, when what has been learned is forgotten!!